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Happy Easter

Easter comes at such a hopeful and beautiful time of year, and the season of Spring with the new blooming of flowers indicating new life. The forty days of prayer, fasting and alms giving bears the fruit of reconnecting us to God our Father and to our brothers and sisters in Christ in a new way.

Those of you who have worshipped here at West End Presbyterian have hopefully had a wonderful experience with preparing for Easter. I'm sure that the preparation in this Lenten season has givien you a new hope to enter the Easter season with gladness and the grace to share that joy.

Normal life is coming back after years of struggle with Covid-19. We still face a lot of unknowns as many disturbing things continue to happen at home and abroad. Pray that peace may prevail between Russia and the Ukraine. Hold on to Easter for hope, peace and joy.

I was called as your Pastor on the first Sunday of January 2006 and I have seen over these 17 years the interest and involvement of the members in the Congregation. I am grateful for the ways we have endured the Covid-19 and continued to share your faith inaction, like the Plant a Prayer, the House of Bread, and the West End Center. I thank all of the volunteer catechists for their time and talent and working along with other members and programs.

We are grateful to have Elders who assist in the faith formation and the pastoral care of the sick. I thank each of them for their support in pastoral ministry. I appreciate all your support and efforts in keeping this church a place of prayer and peace. I take this opportunity to wish you all a blessed Easter and the fullness of salvation.

May the Risen Lord bless us to continue the spiritual warfare to experience the PEACE He offers us. God bless you and I wish you all a "Happy Easter."

Salaam-Alaikum peace be Upon You


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