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Prayer Shawl Ministry

PRAYER SHAWLS are made by hand to bring support to those suffering, struggling or in need. 

2 Cents-A-Meal

The Two Cents-a-Meal concept originated with Presbyterian women to provide an opportunity for individuals and families to participate in a corporate response to world hunger.  The Presbyterian Women’s Birthday Offering funded a hunger program that started the Hunger Action Enabler network in 1973.  In November 1975, Florida resident Rosellyn Calvert, whose own family was struggling financially, asked God what she could do to help those suffering from hunger and poverty around the world.   She was led to give just two cents a meal.  The Calvert family committed to each give two cents, and in April of 1976 Rosellyn shared the concept with her presbytery.   Today, most presbyteries encourage the  contribution of two cents (or more)per person at each meal, reminding individuals, families and groups  each time they eat of the needs of others and our call to respond as Christians to their hunger.  Daily participation is a reminder of the reality of hunger for millions of our sisters and brothers in the world.  As the money accumulates, those participating become aware that small, regular acts can result in significant responses to hunger and that there is great strength in working together with other Christians.

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House of Bread is a program

for formerly incarcerated women


In friendship we share tools to help returning citizens begin anew—tools for restoring confidence, dignity and hope. Over the course of an eight-week session women are exposed to new skills through hands on training coupled with emotional and spiritual support while baking and selling bread alongside volunteers from the Roanoke community. In addition to learning basic kitchen and baking skills, women receive ServSafe food handler and or manager training, develop marketing and customer service skills, and partner one-on-one with mentors who shepherd them through a job search and resume building process. Each session culminates with the ServSafe certification exam and a mock interview clinic.

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