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The Sheperd's Pen

"Touched By Him"

There are numerous references in the Bible where Jesus touched someone, or someone touched Him, and they were healed. The blind were able to see, the deaf were able to hear, and demons were cast out. Touching someone can encourage and comfort. I miss not being able to shake a hand or console someone through a connecting and caring touch, as we "distance" ourselves from one another because of the coronavirus. Hopefully, this will end soon and we can embrace our friends and co-workers the way we have in the past.

Connecting with people and touching their lives with the love of Jesus is a vital part of our calling and mission as the church of Jesus Christ. It goes far beyond physical touching.

As followers and Disciples of Christ, we touch people by the power of the Holy Spirit through Word and Sacrament, prayer and fellowship. That's why we go to Haiti and other places to gather together for worship, and experience t he true nature of God's love far beyond our own homes. It's not the same when we upload online services, "zoom" together for meetings and broadcast over the FM radio band. We've done what we had to do in order to "stay in touch" with one another. But it is not the same, is it?

One ministry that has touched thousands of lives over the last 75 years has been Camp Fincastle. Sadly, this ministry is closed. Many of our West End Presbyterian Church members have been deeply touched by this "warm place in the Son," including me. Along with the other denominations and groups t hat were touched over the many years by using the camp. Camp Fincastle has significantly impacted many lives. Thanks be to God for this wonderful ministry! May the Lord open new doors and opportunities to "touch" lives in the years to come. We can only hope.

I hope you will join us on Sundays in the future and what God has planned for us. When we can, let's reach out and send the message of Jesus Christ to all we meet.

I hope to see you all soon.



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